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Climate Change

  • Disaster risk management 
  • Adaptation in water, agriculture and forestry sectors 
  • Climate resilient infrastructure development 
  • Urban storm-water management 
  • Strategies, policies and plans 
  • Training and capacity building 
  • Climate change mitigation

Environmental Management, Policy and Finance

  • Solid waste management and resource efficiency
  • Environmentally safe and consumer friendly production
  • Environmental communication and information systems
  • Environmental finance and economic instruments
  • Analytics and monitoring
  • Transfer of environmental technologies

Governance and Public Sector Reform

  • Decentralization
  • Local governance and public administration reforms
  • Development planning processes
  • Land management
  • Local economic development
  • Public finance
  • Cross-cutting issues

Land Management

  • Land administration
  • Land policy and legislation
  • Land registration
  • Land information systems
  • Cadastral development
  • Land reform
  • Land use planning

Natural Resources, Biodiversity and Forestry

  • Policy reviews, legal and institutional reforms
  • Environmental management and biodiversity conservation
  • Land use planning and monitoring
  • Strengthening of administrations
  • Supporting protected areas
  • Advice on integrating forestry with other services

Private Sector Development

  • Development of MSMEs
  • Technology-oriented cooperation
  • New technology introduction
  • Training needs assessment 
  • Training of Business Service Providers and Organizations

Rural Development, Agriculture & Food

  • Market-oriented development policies 
  • Agricultural and rural development strategies
  • Promotion of planning activities
  • Promoting rural regions as viable human habitats and economic areas
  • Strengthening administrations and their service delivery

Science, Technology and Innovation

  • Analyzing the framework conditions 
  • Policy advice and preparation of national innovation strategies
  • Setting-up technology competence centres 
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing networks
  • Human resources and institutional development 

Sustainable Energy

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy efficiency (on industrial, public and household level)
  • Access to energy
  • Industrial and technology cooperation

Skills Development and Employment Promotion

  • Labour market demand orientation
  • Promotional measures 
  • Participation of private enterprises
  • Vocational guidance and job placement
  • Promotion of low-skilled workers 
  • Cooperation between state, employers and employees


  • Institutional Development 
  • Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Climate-Sensitive Water Management
  • Sector reforms
  • Agricultural Water Utilization
  • Watershed Management
  • International Training