Governance and Public Sector Reform

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IP Consult’s services aim to strengthen public sector institutions and enhance service delivery to citizens. To achieve this, we support administration reforms in government, the decentralization and regionalization of state power, as well as the development of municipalities and cities. A key aspect of this is the integration of relevant actors from civil society.

The focus of our services is capacity, organizational and institutional development aimed at enhancing sustainable performance and service-delivery. 

The scope of our services comprises: accompanying advisory services for reform processes, especially in the context of decentralization programs, sector-specific technical support related to the modernization and improvement of public administration and service delivery (e.g. financial management, development planning and spatial planning, infrastructure development, land management, water supply and sanitation, and the promotion of economic development), and advisory services on cross-cutting issues, such as the strengthening of cooperation and information exchange through inter-municipal cooperation, municipal associations, or regional networks.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Decentralization
  • Local governance, public administration and reform processes
  • Development planning processes
  • Land management
  • Local economic development
  • Public finance
  • Cross-cutting issues: civil society participation, communication, gender, monitoring, disaster risk management and prevention. 

Furthermore, through NIRAS International Consulting (NIC) we can rely on a strong expertise in strengthening civil society organizations, and on experience in working in post-conflict and fragile states.