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At IP Consult, we recognize the role of agriculture as a driver of inclusive and green growth, in particular through improving the efficiency of resource use, reducing environmental impacts, and encouraging new technologies to improve productivity.

With 35 years’ experience, IP Consult has a proven capacity to successfully implement large, multi-sector programs covering agriculture, food security and rural development in challenging and fragile working environments.

We provide technical expertise for both crop and livestock production, covering the whole production cycle. Our aim is to optimize the production and utilization of foodstuffs, but also to afford all sectors of the population improved access to adequate and balanced nutrition.

We also believe that sustainable improvement of the living conditions of people in rural areas requires sound policies at the macro level. IP Consult has experience in supporting policy and institutional reforms in a wide range of countries. We strengthen the capacity of ministries and public and private actors at national, provincial and district levels, and support governments and the private sector in creating business environments for rural investment.

We recognize that in order to develop viable and sustainable markets for farm products, business needs to be profitable for all partners in the value chain: input suppliers, farmers, intermediaries, processors, wholesalers and retailers. We especially encourage poor farmers to move beyond subsistence agriculture into farming as a sustainable business by bringing in the necessary agribusiness expertise, providing capacity building, and supporting the establishment of business linkages among various operators.

Our services include the following:

  • Designing market-oriented development policies for the agricultural sector and linking it with policies of relevant government ministries
  • Supporting agricultural and rural development strategies
  • Promoting community, regional and national planning activities
  • Promoting rural regions as viable human habitats and economic areas, to help ensure secure livelihoods and sustainable economic growth
  • Strengthening regional and municipal administrations and their service delivery to citizens.

"Agriculture provides income and food security and is the backbone of sustainable rural development."

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