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IP Wave

IP Consult delivers comprehensive and sustainable energy solutions based on stakeholder participation and detailed attention to local conditions.

Our expertise in diverse sectors including rural development, agriculture, forestry and urban development allows us to leverage synergies that look beyond the development of the energy sector alone. For example, increasing quantities of non-recyclable waste in cities and organic waste in rural areas offer enormous potential for sustainable energy and heat generation. Our energy experts are able to join forces with our urban and rural development specialists to make this a reality.

IP Consult is at the forefront of developing innovative energy finance schemes benefiting the world’s poorest people and ensuring the equitable delivery of clean, sustainable energy. We believe market-based strategies are the key. Universal access to energy can be supported through the creation of self-sustaining markets, thereby achieving a lasting impact. 

We can help promote energy efficiency in various ways, including conducting energy audits, updating building codes and piloting projects for industrial energy efficiency.

IP Consult‘s consultancy services include: 

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy efficiency (on industrial, public and household level)
  • Access to energy
  • Industrial and technology cooperation




"The lack of access to energy is a serious obstacle to development and must be overcome if the Millennium Development Goals are to be achieved"

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